Premier technology, training, resources and solutions for elite advisors and institutions.

At RPAG, we’ve built the industry’s leading retirement plan practice management platform designed for elite advisors and institutions to create successful outcomes by protecting plan fiduciaries and engaging plan participants. Our efficient and scalable technology platform provides our members with actionable insights and allows them to make data-driven decisions for their retirement plan clients.

Our compelling client deliverables and custom investment and turnkey solutions, give RPAG members a unique competitive advantage, all while surrounding them with world-class training and support.


What makes RPAG Unique?

While we’ve always been a service company at our core, we believe that great service coupled with great technology will drive the best results for advisors and institutions. We believe that our knowledge and experience gives us the ability to innovate creative solutions and develop powerful technology. This gives our members a unique competitive advantage, allowing them to grow their businesses at unprecedented rates.

Knowledge & Experience
Powerful Technology
Advisor Growth