Master your business with the right resources.

RPAG gives you access to an extensive suite of business-critical management resources that drive growth at every stage of your retirement practice.

Practice doesn’t make perfect.
Smart practice management does.

We’ll help you uncover your growth potential from under a mounting pile of back-office tasks. The end game? Newly found and immediate productivity. Where should people in your practice focus their time? Who do you need to hire and at what stage of your practice? Our service specialists have the answers you need and, more importantly, know what questions to ask to pinpoint the inefficiencies holding you back.

Practice Management Resources

Annual Practice
Management Evaluations

Your dedicated RPAG service specialist will lead you through an in-depth, personalized evaluation of all things practice management, each year. The result is a detailed plan for scaling up your business with the support of a company that can help you put it quickly into action.

Check-In Calls

Each quarter your RPAG service specialist will call you to find out how your new practice management strategies are working to provide solutions to new challenges.