Master your business with the right resources.

RPAG gives you access to an extensive suite of business-critical management resources that drive growth at every stage of your retirement practice.

Win that big plan with RPAG sales and marketing support.

You've been working with $5 million plans and are invited to present on a $50 million plan. The prospect asks, "How many $50 million clients do you service?" Alone, your answer is, "Well, none." With RPAG as a partner, your answer will be, "We have 400 clients with $50 million or greater." During the finalist meeting, our CFA charterholders and senior sales experts can be there in person to help you close the deal. You can also count on us to help with ongoing servicing of the client, if needed. We’ve successfully partnered with dozens of RPAG advisors to help them sell to and service that huge opportunity they never envisioned would be a client.

CFA® charterholder investment expertise Formerly practicing ERISA attorneys RFP/benchmarking specialists RFP for consultant specialists Large-plan sales meeting expertise

Sales Support

RFP for Consultants

A standard RFP for Consultant questionnaire is 50+ pages. It requires dozens of hours of laborious and detailed responses. Most advisors don’t have the time and are ill-equipped to adequately answer all of the questions. Enter RPAG. We’re your back office for consultant RFPs. Our specialists deliver a complete response to the prospective plan sponsor with professional, comprehensive and timely solutions.

RFP/Benchmarking Assistance

By leveraging our RFP/benchmarking consultants and technology, you can lead plan sponsors through the benchmarking process — from the initial proposal request to the final analysis. Our analysts save you valuable time by taking the plan out to bid on your behalf. We can even co-present the report to the prospective client alongside you.

Seminar Support

Impress prospects with well-run seminars that make it clear you’re a credible, knowledgeable retirement expert. Not only can we bring expert speakers to the event, we can schedule rooms, get the seminar content compliance-approved, create invitations, develop email marketing campaigns and set up a registration website.

Marketing Materials

If you don’t market, you don’t grow. Save time and money by downloading brandable, compliance-approved presentations and seminar materials from the RPAG Resource Center.