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RPAG's intuitive portal dashboard provides a complete view of your book of business and lets you service it efficiently and accurately.

Align every aspect of your retirement practice with one, yes one, integrated technology portal.

RPAG doesn’t "dabble" in technology for retirement practices. Our Practice Management Portal™ seamlessly connects the systems you need for client and prospect management with a retirement plan data warehouse. We designed, built, tested and re-tested every single one of those systems, which scale to your unique business needs and goals. So when you call for help, you don’t get a robo-assistant. You get an actual person who can teach you something new about the technology you’re going to use every day of your life.

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Technology Spotlight

Scorecard System     
Institutional investment due diligence to help you win and retain business.

Scorecard System™ provides a proven process to research and evaluate fund managers and investment strategies through an easy-to-understand, 10-point scoring system.

Identify skillfull managers Enhance investment opportunities Manage and control risk Minimize fiduciary liability
25K+Total Funds
Multiple Share Classes
Mutual Fund, Group Annuity, CIT and ETF Platforms
Asset Allocation, Active and Passive Strategies

RPAG Technology Portfolio

B3 Provider Analysis
Integrated benchmarking and RFP reports that enable your clients to evaluate their plans, fees, services and investments.
  • Most widely used RFP/benchmarking system in the U.S.
  • Live bid process to let the market determine reasonable fees
  • Bundled and unbundled recordkeeping and TPA platforms
  • More than 100 provider platforms
  • Analyze provider capabilities via a pre-populated 400 data point questionnaire
  • Prospect through project-only work

B3 reduces the time to create meaningful reports by 90 percent.

Paradigm-shifting technology for advancing Courageous Plan Design.
  • Project costs of Courageous Plan Design features
  • Construct effective plan design while displaying long-term costs
    • Automatic enrollment
    • Minimum employee deferrals
    • Automatic deferral escalation
    • Employer match
    • Removing hardship and loan provisions
  • Produce business-winning reports

Fiduciary Fitness Program
ERISA compliance benchmarking system.
  • Gap analysis that evaluates hundreds of compliance critical criteria
  • An action plan to resolve deficiencies identified by the analysis
  • Required documentation including retirement committee charter, investment policy statement, compliance checklist and more
  • On-call ERISA guidance from formerly practicing ERISA attorneys

Fiduciary Briefcase
A virtual plan information storage warehouse that keeps the benefits you bring to clients in front of them even when you’re not.
  • Proprietary online portal housing meeting summaries, compliance documents, newsletters and so much more
  • Affords your clients any-time access to pertinent plan information
  • Readily prepares your clients for a plan audit

Direct your clients to www.fiduciarybriefcase.com or add the login widget to your own website.

Plan Asset Link
Seamlessly syncs plan-level information from provider to your portal.
  • Pulls plan investment lineup and assets from recordkeeper websites and links to the RPAG portal
  • Data feeds monthly or quarterly, depending on recordkeeper
  • Tracks system-wide data, such as total assets by fund manager, specific fund and provider

TDF Analyzer
Aligns your target-date fund selection process with recent Department of Labor guidelines.
  • Uncovers the best-fit glidepath by examining a plan’s demographics, objectives and participant behavior
  • Identifies a prudent target date series using our leading Scorecard criteria
  • Allows for a consistent, repeatable, documented process to determine and defend QDIA decisions

Advisor Compensation Benchmarking Calculator
A best-practices compensation system.
  • For plans of all sizes
  • Ability to customize based on the specific services delivered for each plan
  • Provides best-practices fee ranges